Open Your Own Academy

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Have you been dreaming about opening your own training academy?

So many salon owners i speak too are ready to create a better work/life balance for themselves as well as finding better ways to increase their salon income. That is why many salon owners like myself take the next step in their careers and start teaching.

The demand for training is only increasing and the need for experienced and well trained therapists make the best teachers. From teaching basic skills like waxing to providing masterclasses to other therapists looking to perfect their skills, now is the perfect time to get started.

I want to help salon owners take the next steps forward in their business to increase their revenue and turnover. I remember i put off opening my own academy for years as i was so overwhelmed by it all thinking:

I don’t know where to start

My premises are too small

I haven’t got a clue how to get my teaching qualifications

I have my teaching qualification but i don’t know how to get courses accredited

I haven’t got the time to write by own training manuals

I’ve asked people how to get started but noone will help me

Based on my own experience of opening my own successful beauty training academy i want to help salon owners overcome their fears and get them started on their journey as an academy.

I can enrole you to get your teaching qualification and offer you coaching & mentoring to help get your academy started.

I have pre-written editable manuals that i am happy to sell onto you- saving you the burden of sitting at your desk for hours, great for those who are time limited or are unsure on what to write!

I can help you through the accreditation process.

So if starting an academy is something you have considered or you want to increase your revenue of your business then what are you waiting for? 

GTI Teaching Certificate

Gain your GTI Teaching certificate online in your own time!

We recommend you have at least 2 years experience in the beauty industry before gaining your teaching qualification.

GTI Teaching Certificate- £450 (Includes 1 hour of coaching & mentoring on how to set up your academy with Sonia)

Buy you own training manuals

Saving you hours of writing your own manuals, not knowing where to start or what to write!

Manuals can be brought and downloaded straight away in an editable Microsoft word format please have a good read through and make any changes to adapt to your teaching style.

You will still need to get your courses accredited under your own company name with your chosen accreditation company- this then allows you to issue certificates in your own company name.

Manuals are written to meet a certain criteria that accreditation companies will expect, the companies we highly recommend are the Guild of Beauty Therapists or ABT.

Once you purchase an editable manual, it is yours to issue to students that attend your training courses. All we ask is that you do not re-sell them to other academies or allow other 3rd party companies to use our teaching material.

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